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News about people in the North American agroforestry community


The AFTA Board of Directors

Comings and Goings

Dr. Jaconette Mirck, who has worked at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agroforestry Development Centre for 3 years will be taking on an exciting new challenge in Germany. Based in Cottbus, she will have research and management responsibilities for the the “AgForward” agroforestry project component on “Agroforestry and Arable Systems”. Jaconette, originally from the Netherlands, did her Ph.D. at Syracuse, NY, with Tim Volk and Larry Abrahamson on phytoremediation with willows. Reporting to Dr. Dirk Freese, she will be at the EURAF conference and expects to begin her duties in early June.

Dr. John Munsell, AFTA board member from Virginia Technical University, will be on a one-year sabbatical in southern Germany. John’s area of research has been in forest farming


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